Hi friend,
I’m Ashley Merrill, Nashville-native and creator of Mama Merrill’s Herbal Formulas!  

My love for my family is where this Elderberry journey began...

Like many other modern crunchy mamas, I was (and still am!) always educating myself on God-given ways to keep our family healthy.
I value modern medicine, but I also love to use natural means to support our health whenever possible!

When our kids were little, I knew elderberry syrup was helping our immune systems. However, the options on the market were expensive, full of sugar or corn syrup, and honestly not very tasty! 

Determined to create a better option, I spent two years developing and testing Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonics through a proprietary process. I added powerful ingredients we were already trying to incorporate into our diets, like local honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and turmeric.

After many failed attempts, it finally passed the taste test of all four kiddos (and the hubs), and I knew we had a winner! 

We began taking it daily and immediately noticed huge changes in our ability to fight off colds, flus, and seasonal allergies. I was so thankful we were avoiding sick visits to the doctor and no longer filling our bodies with toxic over the counter medicines! 

​It made such a difference for us, so I became passionate about sharing this God-send with our friends and family, and getting it into your hands for you and the people that you love. 
I carefully selected every ingredient for its scientifically proven results in reduced inflammation, seasonal allergy relief, and greater immune function.

Years later, I'm a student of herbal medicine and my goal is to not only share what I learn with you, but to continue to create herbal formulas that are easy for everyone to use, enjoy, and benefit from! 

Praying you enjoy God-given health, 

Mama  Merrill