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Simple Elderberry & Apple Tonic

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Package includes one 12 oz. bottleRecommended serving size daily: 1 Tbsp

Earthy elderberry flavor without the honey, sweetened with just enough 100% apple juice to make it palatable for anyone's tastebuds! Great for kids under 2 and those with allergies or sensitivities to honey or spices. Simple. Delicious. Honey Free. (Vegan)


Sambucus nigra elderberries - the most researched/scientifically proven elderberries in the world and the highest antioxidant elderberries in the world

100% Apple juice - full of antioxidants and perfect to add just enough sweetness

Lemon juice - supports detoxification & cell renewal

Ingredients: water, Sambucus Nigra elderberries, 100% apple juice, lemon juice

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Simple Elderberry & Apple Tonic

$24.99 USD

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