Which tonic is right for you?

Elderberry & Turmeric Tonic

If in doubt, start with this formula. It's an easy to take blend of Elderberry and beneficial spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and cloves.

• Our original & best-selling formula

• Strengthens your immune system

• Naturally sweetened with honey

• Turmeric and spices to aid in immune support

• Delicious - Enjoyed by adults and kids

• Smooth consistency - not thick or mushy

• No additives, preservatives, or colors

Simple Elderberry & Apple Tonic

The ideal formula for anyone who cannot have honey and/or spices.

• The power of Elderberry

• Naturally sweetened with apple

• Ideal for kids under 2

• Perfect blend for those with honey or spice intolerances

• Delicious blend that children enjoy

• Smooth consistency - not thick or mushy

• No additives, preservatives, or colors

Spicy Elderberry Tonic

The perfect blend for those that want to feel something. A powerful blend of Elderberry and strong spices with honey to balance it out.

• The Tonic that packs a punch!

• Jumpstart your system with this blend

• Anti-inflammatory properties

• Slight spice level

• Naturally sweetened with honey

• No additives, preservatives, or colors

Strength & Shield Tonic

For those who cannot have elderberry. An immune strengthening formula we created to help those with autoimmunes or high levels of stress.

• Does not contain elderberry

• Tastes like a refreshing tea

• Delcious blend of aronia berries and herbs

• Smooth consistency - not thick or mushy

• No additives, preservatives, or colors

Why Elderberry?


Help prevent illness and disease by diminishing free radicals in the body


Support your immune system and other important functions in the body

Immune Support

Prevailing research has continued to prove the immune system benefits of consuming elderberries

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We believe that one simple change can make a long lasting difference.

Mama Merrill's was created for you to have a delicious and nutritious option for your family.

We are free of - High fructose corn syrup, added sugars, crazy additives/preservatives, and added colors.

Families Love Us!

Packs a Punch!

"These products are so refreshing when yucky sickness or head colds try to attack. Thank you Mama Merrills for your unique blends that pack a punch against the junk!"

— Amber

Even Kids Like the Taste!

"We use this as an all natural remedy when sickness starts to rear its head. We always keep it in stock at our house. Kids like the taste too!!"

— Michelle