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Strength & Shield Daily Formula-Hibiscus Lemon

Strength & Shield Daily Formula-Hibiscus Lemon

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Package includes one 12 oz. bottle.

Strength & Shield was formulated for daily, long term immune support & recovery during times of stress.

Aronia berries- highest antioxidant level of any berry

Calendula- known for its vast uplifting & healing properties

Astragalus- an adaptogen known for its ability to heal the body of the effects of stress

Nettle- high in minerals and great for respiratory health

Lemon juice- supports detoxification & cell renewal

Local Honey- balances out the tartness in a healthy way

Ingredients: water, honey, lemon juice, aronia melanocarpa, hibiscus sabdariffa, calendula officinalis, astragalus membranaceus, urtica dioca