The Top Five Things You Do Not Need to Start a Business (Part 4)

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I've been on a little hiatus from blog writing the last couple weeks, but I'm back and ready to tackle this topic! I hope you are ready for this, because it is definitely counter-culture and not likely to be what you have been told before. 

This series is for you if you have ever considered starting a business, and if you missed the first three posts in the series, you are going to want to go back and check them out! 

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Today, I want to inform you of something that can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars if you want to become a business owner. 

You do NOT need a business degree to start a business.

Seriously, when did this become a,"required" thing? There was a time before huge corporations and industries existed that almost everyone owned their own business. It was how people lived and how they survived. Everyone had a skill or something to offer the world, and they worked hard at it to make a living. 

I know things have changed dramatically, but truth be told, a lot of business ownership boils down to trial and error, and good ole' common sense. 

Of course, education has value and getting a degree is a huge accomplishment. But, if I had the choice between going into a mountain of debt versus learning on the job, I would choose the latter every single time. 

If you have an idea, a product, a service, or a skill and you know there is profit to be made from it, there is a good chance you can skip the four year process (and expenditure) of college and you'll be just fine.

Keep in mind you will also have to work your tail off. So if you feel as though you need four years of sitting under professors and turning in homework to teach you how to do that, by all means ignore this advice and go that route instead. 

When I started Mama Merrill's five years ago, I had years of personal research in my brain, about $100, a unique idea, and a ton of passion for people's health.

So I began. 

I may not know all the fancy business terms that some of my colleagues do, but I ask questions. I look things up. I read. And for everything else, I choose not to worry about knowing everything and I try to just stay in my lane. 

People who are successful learners are simply people who know where to look and how to find the answers. They dig until they find the worm. 

We have endless libraries of knowledge at our fingertips via the internet, and most of it is free! For anything you want to learn, you can likely find dozens of experts who are putting information out there just because it is what they are passionate about. 

Outside of the internet, in real life, you can read books and use your resources!

Find people who are doing something productive and successful in business, maybe even in your own field of interest, and learn from them. Watch what they do. Observe how they spend their time. Notice how they treat people. Stay humble and ask questions. 

I dare say, if you do these things, you can learn more than you ever thought possible, and you can keep on learning for your entire lifetime without having to pay an institution for it. You can absolutely succeed in business. I know because I have, and I'm just getting started! 

If this resonates with you, leave us a comment! We sure love to hear from you! 



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