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Got priorities?

If someone looked at our life, they would see our priorities by how my husband and I spend our time and money. What would we see if we looked at your life? Are there things you would like to change?

Currently, my husband and I are in a season of life where we’ve really had to get serious about our priorities. For us, it’s time with God, our marriage, work and financial responsibilities, our health, and serving the Lord in our local church/friend time.

If any of these things get out of balance, it takes time and commitment away from something else. 

Something that our very wise counsel has taught us is that when we say yes to something, we are always saying no to something else. Our priorities are very important! My husband and I are the kind of people who had to learn this the hard way. One of us would always say “Yes” to everything we got asked to do and the other one would always want to say “No” to everything. Both of us needed to re-evaluate! 

The most important thing in our lives is first and foremost our relationships with God. If my husband and I don’t prioritize that, we’re giving from an empty cup to each other and every other priority we have. Secondly, if we don’t prioritize and take care of our marriage then everything else around it seemingly can fall apart. We choose as a married couple to talk about everything! When we get asked to volunteer or do something, we pray about it together and listen to one another. Are we perfect? Far from it, but this is what we always strive to do! 

When it comes to work and financial responsibilities, my husband and I have desires to save and be debt free someday! Our Pastor has taught us that, “It’s not about how much you make, but what you do with what you make.” Diligence is also doing little things for a long time, until it makes a big difference! Currently we’ve paid off my car, our credit cards, our phones, and we put 10% of every paycheck into our savings. You notice how you can look back and see a track record of priority? 

What are your priorities? What’s important to you? If we looked at how you spent your time and money, would we see those priorities in your life? What changes can you make in your daily life to create a healthier lifestyle of priorities? 

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