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Walking with Wisdom

Welcome to Mama's Merrill's blog, where you will find bits and pieces of wisdom for life I've picked up along the way. I hope it blesses you somehow.

Truly, I love to share what I'm learning or what I've learned. I also love to glean wisdom from other people. I've found you can learn something from everyone you meet! 

When my Grandfather was nearing 90, we asked him what he had learned most in his 90 years. He paused, then said, "I've learned I never knew as much as I thought I did at the time." He followed that brilliant statement with his signature hearty chuckle. 

Those words of wisdom have stuck with me ever since. Humility in the process of life is important, it helps keep our head out of the clouds so we can stay more grounded in our relationships. 

I'm always on a quest to learn, but not just to learn for the sake of accumulating knowledge itself.  After all, nobody likes a know-it-all and the point of learning isn't ever to think we've "arrived". However, I want to always be willing to grow humbly in wisdom and live a full, abundant, joyful, purposeful life. This applies to every category for me- my relationship with the Lord, marriage, friendships, parenting, running a business, homeschooling, or health. We only get one chance at this, so let's enjoy the journey and make it count! 

I'm certainly no expert in any one of these areas. But, by seeking God, being willing to learn from others, and taking steps of faith, while being vulnerable and transparent...we can experience continual renewal and transformation.  Walking in wisdom is fun! 

Whatever path you find yourself on in in this season of life, I hope you find some encouragement and inspiration here. I'd love to walk next to you for a bit, or sit and chat over a cup of tea. Let's learn and grow together! 

~Ashley (aka Mama) Merrill

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