10 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Budget!

Want to know our favorite ways to simplify Valentine’s Day but not skimp on the memories? 

It truly does not have to cost a fortune to make it a special day and make sure your loved ones know they are treasured. In fact, some of the best memories often come from those unconventional and creative moments! 

In this blog post, we are going to give you 10 unique, sweet, and fun ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your spouse, significant other, family, or friends on a budget!!!

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“In the Vaughn household it’s just TK, myself, and our cat. Our perspective comes from being a young married couple ballin’ on a budget and understanding what our love languages are. (If you don’t know what the 5 love languages are, check it out here).  We value anniversaries and birthdays more highly, so on Valentine’s Day we keep it simple!” ~Juliana

We love to make memories in creative ways for Valentine’s Day, too! With four children, we usually celebrate in a special way at home as a family. Some of their favorite Valentine’s Day memories are when I made a fancy Italian dinner, played music in the background, decorated the table, and got out the china! Now that they are teens, it might look more like an appetizer feast and watching a Marvel movie!” ~Ashley

There is so much beauty to be found in simplicity, and no reason to break the budget for a special occasion that is fleeting. You can even make homemade gifts! 

Our TOP 10 fun and creative Valentine’s Day on a Budget ideas:

  1. Find a new recipe and cook a yummy dinner together!
  2. Make homemade pizzas and talk about your dreams.
  3. Make your own chocolate covered strawberries!
  4. Play a romantic music playlist, dress in your nicest clothes, and slow dance.
  5. Have a themed potluck with friends and watch a favorite movie or play games! 
  6. Go to Target and pick outfits for each other and try them on! 
  7. Write a handwritten love letter to your spouse.
  8. Each of you write a rap about the other, turn on a beat, and perform it for each other! 
  9. Get dressed up and go find somewhere to take pictures! You will treasure the memory. 
  10. Depending on the weather where you are, go on a bike ride and grab ice cream. 

Whatever you decide to do, have fun, make it special, laugh, and enjoy each other! 

With Love, 

Ashley (Mama Merrill)

& Juliana (Mama Merrill’s Virtual Assistant)

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10 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Budget!

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